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Routine Maintenance

Regular vehicle maintenance is key if you want your vehicle to run smoothly on the road.

Sometimes, we may be tempted to overlook car routine maintenance until something unexpected happens. However, if you have spent a ton of money on getting your vehicle repaired, then you know it’s a bad idea to stay for long without getting an inspection done.

Whether you are driving short distances to work or you are a long-distance driver, routine car maintenance helps ensure your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road. Simple things like changing oil, balancing the tires, changing spark plugs, and going for scheduled inspections can help you detect something serious before it blows into a bigger problem. 

7 Preventive Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Vehicle in Good Condition

Doing preventive maintenance is an effective way to save you money on vehicle repairs. Here are some basic vehicle maintenance measures to help you save money on costly repairs:

Know the Owner’s Manual

When you buy a vehicle from Prescott's car dealership, one of the important tools you get is an owner’s manual. If you can't find your vehicle manual, get an electronic manual online by doing a simple search using your vehicle year and model. Acquaint yourself with the manual to know the intervals of maintenance based on mileage. The manual should tell you when to change your engine oil, air filters, belts, and hoses. 

Develop a plan

When trading your car in or selling it, you would be surprised how many owners have no clue when the last time their battery was replaced. If you develop a plan off of the owners manual for service, and stick to it, you will see a dramatic reduction in overall repair costs and increase in reliability and performance. Log your repairs and inspections alongside your Maintenance Plan. We recently had a car come in with 7 years of records, we offered WAY more money for his trade just because the records were present. 

Change the oil

You should routinely check and change your oil as provided in the owner's manual. If you are not a do-it-yourself person, you can give us a call and schedule a $30 oil change. Provided you have a current loan with us, we will offer you oil changes at a reduced cost of $10 to you. We also provide a complimentary safety inspection with every oil change. 

Check fluids

Apart from changing the oil, you also need to monitor the fluid levels to make sure they are at the appropriate levels. You should check the engine oil, brake fluid,  windshield washer fluid and transmission fluid. When checking these fluids, remove the cover, and use a dipstick to check if the fluid level is at the designated fluid line. 

When checking the coolant level don’t uncover the radiator cap, check the coolant level from the adjacent transparent reservoir. Only check coolant with a cold motor as it puts you at risk of scalding due to the high-temperature fluids and should only be done by trained professionals if checking while the engine is warm.

Tire balancing and alignment

Check your manual to know how often you need to have your tires rotated and balanced. Tire rotation and balancing helps extend the durability of the tires, and you won’t have to buy new tires every few months. If you are struggling to keep the vehicle on the road, ask the tire shops to balance and align the wheels.

Replace engine air filter

Depending on how much you drive and the road condition, you may need to replace the engine air filter once or twice a year. The engine filter gets dirtier if you drive regularly and dusty roads. If dust and other objects enter through the air filter into the engine, the engine will become less effective. Check your manual to know the ideal time to change your air filter, depending on your vehicle model.  

Test the lights

Driving with dim or burnt lights will not only give you a ticket but also risk your life and that of other drivers on the road. Before driving out of your garage, test the lights to ensure they are working. If one or more bulbs are dim or burnt out, you should get it replaced by your mechanic. 

Replace Windshield wipers

If your windshield wipers are broken or worn out, they affect your visibility on the road. During a storm or heavy rain, you are better off parked in a safe area than driving on the road if your wipers are not functioning. Wipers are dirty cheap, and you can buy and replace them without going to the service center.

Why vehicle maintenance is important

Although some vehicle owners argue that vehicle inspection is an expensive process, the truth is that vehicle inspection saves you money that you would have otherwise incurred in costly repairs. 

Also, vehicle inspection ensures all components are in proper working conditions to extend your vehicle’s shelf life. That explains why your grandpa’s vintage truck is in great shape after decades of regular inspection and maintenance. 

Lastly, vehicle inspection helps you stay compliant with government directives and avoid collecting tickets every time you are on the road. 

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