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Are The Best Tires The Most Expensive?

Tires are an important part of the car, and they are the “wheels” that protect you and your passengers while on the road everyday. As such, you will want to get the best quality tires from reputable brands to keep you safe on the highway. Quality tires will also make your journey more comfortable.

However, one of the common questions that arise when buying car tires is whether to buy cheaper tires or go for the most expensive tires. Are you buying low quality when you buy cheap tires, or are the best tires the most expensive?

Here is what you need to know about car tires and if cheap vs. expensive matters when buying tires for your car. 

Price vs. Quality

When the cost is not a problem, you may be tempted to go with the most expensive tires. However, remember that expensive does not automatically mean the best. Your yearly mileage, driving style, and where you stay can determine the right tires for your car. 

Although generic tires may wear off faster, this does mean lesser-priced tires are bad. A quick survey on types of tires can really help. You do not require the most expensive tires unless you own a performance-oriented vehicle. Nonetheless, your decision should not be solely based on your wallet.

What to Consider When Buying Car Tires

There are several factors determine a tire’s price. These factors include the brand, size, ply rating, warranty, and performance rating. Your car’s wheels will determine the suitable tire size. 

The costs of the tires vary depending on the size you get. For instance, 15-17-inch tires are cheaper than 18-22-inch tires.

All-season tires will cost you less than specialty tires like summer tires, mud tires, and snow tires. You will spend a considerable amount of money on race-type, ultra-high performance, and high-performance tires. 

While all car tires are round, black, rubber-made, and treaded, they are designed by different brands and they are sold in the market at different prices. Some branded tires, especially those from top companies like Michellin, are expensive, while others like Compass are cheap. 

You can also get high quality tires that neither too expensive nor cheap. Travelstar offers an affordable wide range of SUV, passenger, specialty trailer, light truck, UHP, and CUV tires. They are manufactured in world-leading facilities to deliver quality and performance that consumers can trust.   

The warranty structure of tires is usually influenced by brand prestige and tire price. These factors can significantly alter the price of a car’s tires, so pay attention to them when comparing prices. At CarXpress, we almost exclusively use Travelstar on our personal vehicles, and inventory. They seem to be an excellent tire, that lasts well and has plenty of treads!

Work with a Reliable Tire Provider

If you are planning to buy multiple tires for your car, you should work with reputable tire providers to determine the correct tire size and the best types of tires for your car. Your provider will also provide the best value tires with a longer lifespan and durability when subjected to different terrains.  

Besides buying from the right place, you should also strive to understand your options better through extensive research on tires. You will feel more confident talking to your provider if you are informed and know your needs. 

Ultimately, the price directly correlates with quality. While cheaper tires deliver basic functionality, costly tires accentuate certain aspects of performance and diminish others. As safety of tires are directly related to your own safety. Therefore, it is best to balance your budget, lifespan, and expected performance when choosing tires for your car but do not sacrifice longevity and safety to save money. 


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