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Best Road Trips in Arizona

While the Grand Canyon is probably the first thing that will cross your mind when you think of trip in Arizona, the Copper State has a lot more to offer. It is an outdoor state with many fantastic opportunities like kayaking, mountain biking, fishing, skiing, and canoeing. With your car and essential supplies, you can explore the lakes, desert, national monuments and parks, wildlife, and forests. There are myriad options for Arizona road trips. 

Here are the best road trips you should take in Arizona:

Ghost Town Road Trip

The 19th Century mining boom brought about the rise of many towns. However, the rapid growth was halted abruptly due to the depletion of precious metals. Many residents moved on, giving rise to ghost towns which make a great adventure in Arizona.

Some popular destinations include Tombstone and Bisbee. However, for a truly unforgettable adventure of Arizona, explore the ghost towns that are entirely unoccupied and located off the beaten paths.

The Petrified Forest Road Trip

The Petrified Forest is renowned for fossils especially fossilized trees and some reptiles and plants. This forest is one of the top destinations in Arizona that you should add to your bucketlist. You can explore the entire forest in a day because it is a small park.

To get there, you will spend three hours coming from Prescott and one-and-half hours from Flagstaff. There are numerous hiking trails. Be ready to have some fun but be respectful and do not interfere with the fossils or remove ANYTHING. 

The Painted Desert runs through the park. It is a badlands area that resembles South Dakota’s Badlands National Park. It is an excellent location to stop by for a short backcountry hike and take photographs which make your road trip more interesting.

Natural Wonders Road Trip 

Craving to see Arizona’s natural beauty? Take a ride through Nothern Arizona to feast your eyes on some of the most stunning landscapes you will ever see. Start your trip by going to Red Rock State Park to Sedona’s red rocks, see Oak Creek, and take a short hike.

The next stop is the Lava River cave for some beautiful views. Make sure you bring a light source and a jacket. The famous Grand Canyon is a must-see on this road trip. You can decide to stick to the popularly explored locations or opt for less-traveled areas.

The others locations include Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Meteor Crater, Tonto Natural Bridge, Petrified Forest, and Canyon de Chelly. It may be your best family road trip in Arizona.

You can make a road trip in Arizona a weekend endeavor to fully enjoy the state. However, a day trip can also offer great satisfaction if you can’t spare a couple of days. 

Route 66 Road Trip

An Arizona road trip will not be complete without experiencing the incredible Route 66. The route crosses through eight states spanning over 2400 miles beginning in Chicago and ending in Pacific Coast, Santa Monica. 

This road will take you from across Arizona. You can drive further to Santa Monica pier to complete a remarkable trip even better.

You will come across mountains, desert, small towns, large cities, and farmlands during your trip. There are also numerous roadside gas stations, cafes, tourist attractions, and motels along this road which will make this road trip in Arizona more special.

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