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Downtown Motors Closed, CarXpress is the replacement dealer!

If you have purchased a car at Downtown Motors, you must have had an awesome buying experience with Jim, Bobby, and Tracie. Unfortunately, Downtown Motors closed for retirement in 2020. CarXpress is a good alternative if you are looking for a car dealer that accepts bad credit in Prescott AZ
Whether you are looking for a used car, financing for your new vehicle, or a bad credit car dealership in Prescott, CarXpress is your best bet. We have a variety of vehicles in our inventory, and our goal is to get you behind the wheel of your vehicle regardless of your credit situation. We have a 100% guaranteed approval program, and 0% APR with half down. 


Why you can trust CarXpress

We are a family business, and we believe in giving back to the Prescott community. For us, your history, bankruptcies, and repos do not matter; we believe in helping our customers get quality vehicles at the most favorable terms. Our process is simple. If you need traditional financing, just pick your preferred vehicle in our inventory and submit an online credit application. If you get approved, we will match you with the right financing option.
As a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership in Prescott, we can close faster with in house financing than traditional banks. Our Buy Here Pay Here rates are below the industry average. You can also get 0% APR on financing if you put a minimum of 50% of the list price down. Our sales staff are experienced and committed to providing an awesome buying experience. Our sales team has worked with dedicated salesmen like Bobby from the now-closed Downtown Motors Prescott, and we are always available to help you achieve your dream of owning a vehicle. 

Perks of shopping with CarXpress

We are known for guaranteed approvals regardless of past repo or credit situation, but that is not the only benefit we offer. You can expect to enjoy these perks with us: 

  • Quick approval process. 
  • 0% APR if you put 50% down 
  • $1000 down typically, with deferments available
  • Under $10,000 no credit check
  • 3 month/3K mile warranty
  • Variety of affordable vehicles in our inventory
  • An opportunity to rebuild your credit
  • Affiliations with local credit unions, banks, and specialty finance companies
  • Experienced sales staff
  • Exceptional customer service

In the Prescott area, having a car is a must, especially if you have to commute to work daily or your partner relies on your car for their transportation. 
However, a bad credit score can easily ruin your dream of getting a car loan from traditional lenders. CarXpress fills this gap with no credit check car loans. We are the lender, and we can simplify the process for you. 

Get financing with us

If you are looking for a Prescott car dealership with the best deals, we offer the most competitive deals you will find in Prescott for pre-owned vehicles. Visit us today at 490 E Z Street Prescott, AZ 86301, or visit our website for a quick quote. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or BlogLovin to interact with us. Buy Ford FocusChevrolet ImpalaToyota and Chevrolet car. 

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