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What to do after buying a used car???

Once you have taken the keys and driven off with your used car, you might get lost in the excitement and forget about the work to be done post-purchase. After working on the car registration and insurance paperwork, you should also get familiar with the state taxes and inspection to help you stay on the right side of the law. In addition to registration and insurance, there are several things you should do after buying a used car. 

Here is a checklist of things to do after buying a used car.


  • Transfer title and registration

Legally, you cannot drive a car that is not registered under you. The first thing you should do is transfer the title and registration to your name. If you bought from a person privately, you will go through the transfers yourself. If you buy from CarXpress, we will help you with the transfer process so that the buying process is as seamless as possible. 


  • Get insurance

After buying a used car, you should buy a new auto insurance cover. It is better to insure it afresh, with your preferred insurance company. Research car insurance policies and decide on what you need. Remember, liability insurance is required to protect other drivers on the road.


  • Check the owner's manual

Do not ignore the owner’s manual. The manual gives you answers on mechanical maintenance and is also where you will find out the optimum pressure for the tires or the optimal fuel. The owner’s manual also helps you know when to go for routine service.


  • Plan maintenance

From the owner’s manual, plan how, where and when to do car maintenance. This will involve checking the fluids, checking the brakes and filters. Identify car parts that need urgent replacement and prioritize them first. Sometimes, the car might require a lot of part replacements. For example, the filter which includes cabin filter, fuel filter, air filter, and oil filter should be replaced.


  • Contact a trusted mechanic

Your trusted mechanic will do a professional car inspection on the car. You might miss something when doing your inspection that your mechanic will find. The mechanic should inspect the car’s interior, exterior, engine, steering, and suspension. The mechanic will also prepare you for everything you need to buy during car maintenance.


  • Inspect the tire condition

Tires are a safety concern. Check if the tires are properly inflated. If the tires are old or worn out, you should get a new pair of shoes for your car. Remember, buying quality tires that will last a longer time ensures your safety on the road. With dozens of tire brands on the market, only buy tires from reputable dealerships and repair shops. 


  • Clean and personalize the car

Before you get on the road, take your car for professional cleaning. Also, buy new mats, steering wheel cover, and other car accessories that suit you, to give it a personal touch.


  • Take the car out for a spin

After checking every detail on the after-purchase list, it is time to have some fun with your car. Take your car out and get used to driving it.


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