Prescott's ONLY guaranteed approval dealership!


Don't settle for your second choice vehicle. We specialize in acquiring cars, trucks, SUVS, sports cars, classic cars, and more at auction for you! 

  1. Choose a vehicle and budget!

    Just let us know the year, make, model, color, engine, options, etc. that you are looking for. And the maximum price you are willing to pay. Pickier, the better. If you're open to ideas, we will try to overdeliver! If you need financing, we have partner banks and credit unions! We will show you all of the options then evaluate what best suits you and your financial situation.

  2. We locate your dream vehicle...

    So this is the fun part, our license goes nationwide! We buy from ANYWHERE that syndicates dealer only wholesale inventory to our desk. Once we inspect it, we will send you the details via email! Our network of nationwide transporters will have it delivered to your door! Disinfectant is sent prior to delivery! (seriously, we try to think of it all!) 

  3. ROAD TRIP TIME!!!!!

    But seriously! It is time. Before delivery we will handle financing and payments so when your new vehicle arrives, you can hit the open highway! We do the searching, leg work, and coordinate transportation for a flat fee of only $999! We help many customers save $5-7k by avoiding retail prices. It is like having a friend in the family with a dealer's license! Veterans, First Responders, and Educators $699!

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